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Full-Stack Senior Developer
Personal Information
Attended Studies
    • University:
    • 2003 to 2007 - National Technological University (U.T.N.)
      Completed up to 2nd grade for Information Systems Engineering career.
      The reason for my desertion was to realize that the career hasn't the approach that I was really looking for. I consider that in those few years I've learnt what is needed to be able to develop my interest for programming and systems in general.
    • High School:
    • 1997 a 2002 - Industrial Institute “Luis A. Huergo” (private school)
      Owned degree: Electronics Technician with Computer Orientation.
      Egress date: November 29th, 2002.
    • Courses:
    • 2015 - Hexacta:
      Agile Development Techniques + SCRUM course, 20 hours of total duration.

      2007 - A.U.B.A. Programmers Club:
      Java and JSP course with PC usage, given by Ángel "Java" López.

      2004 - COR Technologies (now CentralTech):
      Web Design Expert full course, 100 hours of total duration.
Acquired Knowledge
    • Idiom:
      • Spanish: Native language.
      • English: Advanced reading, writing, speaking and listening.
        Excellent technical English.
    • Computing:
      • Expertise office and design tools usage, applications management of any kind.
      • Advanced knowledge on Windows, Linux/Unix and Macintosh.
      • Installation and administration of servers/services in any of the mentioned OS.
      • Equipment setup and configuration, hardware knowledge.
      • Networks building, routing and services configuration.
    • Programming:
      • Paradigms: Objects, Structured, Events (although isn’t considered paradigm), Functional (Haskell), Logic (Prolog).
      • Patterns: MVC, Facade, Singleton, Factory, Builder, Observer, Dependency injection, Control inversion, etc.
      • Concepts: Regular expressions, recursion, lambda functions, multithreading, signals and interruptions, sockets, protocols, web services, APIs, client-server model, etc.
      • SVC: Use of distributed revision control like Git/Mercurial. Advanced multi-branch repository administration.
      • IDE: Development under Ubuntu Linux using NetBeans for PHP and web-based apps. Eclipse for Java and mobile/desktop apps.
    • Web / Desktop:
      • HTML5/CSS3/JS: Expertise, updated knowledge to the latest technologies and browsers. Adaptations for mobile. Using Node JS, CoffeeScript, jQuery+UI+Mobile+Angular, Backbone, SASS / SCSS, Bootstrap, media queries, etc.
      • PHP: Expertise, deep knowledge of language and its capabilities with more than 10 years of verifiable experience. Use of Apache/IIS with Zend/CodeIgniter, Nitro/Propel/Doctrine, Wordpress/Drupal/Joomla, Smarty and frameworks in general.
      • MySQL: Expertise, same as PHP, with ability to analyze and manage servers. Query optimization and service tuning to avoid bottlenecks.
      • Java: Advanced, desktop, mobile or web/applets application development. Use of Tomcat/Glassfish, Ant/Maven, Jenkins, JEE, EJB, JSP, Spring, Struts, Hibernate, Swing, etc.
      • C/C++: Advanced, knowledge of low-level memory management and EEPROM programming for electronic devices.
      • Ruby: Intermediate, web applications over Rails. Use of Rake for CoffeeScript and SASS compilation, among other uses.
    • Mobile:
      • Android: Advanced, complex application development in Java using ADT on Linux.
      • iPhone: Intermediate, simple application development in Objective-C using Xcode on Mac.
Career Path
    • Fiqus Ltda.
    • :: Software Cooperative - IT Specialists ::
      • Office: 1554, Cuenca. Ap: "P", Villa Santa Rita, C.A.B.A.
      • Phone: 0810 220 0046
      • Position: Associate.
      • Work mode: Full-Time.
      • Date joined: 03/01/2017.
      • Date quit: Present.
    Description: We are a cooperative company specialized in software, founded in 2011 by systems engineers and programming specialists with clients in the national and international market that seeks an integral development of its partners that is reflected in the quality of the services offered.
    • CloudSys S.R.L.
    • :: Information Technology - IT Solutions ::
      • Office: 3110, Olazabal Av. Ap: 3º "9", Belgrano, C.A.B.A.
      • Phone: (+54 011) 5263-3981
      • Position: Co-Founder, Development Manager.
      • Work mode: Flexible days and hours.
      • Date joined: 06/01/2011.
      • Date quit: 10/01/2016.
    Performed tasks: Development team leading under scrum/agile, managing and coordinating projects and tasks in Jira, estimating time and resources to apply to deadlines, QA, bugs reporting and fixing, programming. Configuration and maintenance of production servers under Linux.
    • EcoTaxi S.A.
    • :: Urban Transport Mobile Application ::
      • Office: 643/45, Roseti St., Chacarita, C.A.B.A.
      • Phone: (+54 011) 4555-4626
      • References: Diego Alcaraz, Esteban Falcón.
      • Position: Senior Analyst Programmer.
      • Work mode: Full-Time.
      • Date joined: 07/22/2013.
      • Date quit: 03/25/2015.
    Performed tasks: Developing an advanced transport system, with applications on iPhone and Android (driver and passenger) for ordering taxis, motos, etc. Back-end infrastructure in Java that acts as online web services nexus and front-end with NodeJS + Backbone for general system administration via web.
    • Newcastle Services S.A.
    • :: Web Services and Applications ::
      • Office: 1965, Ciudad de la Paz St. Ap: 3ºA, Belgrano, C.A.B.A.
      • Phone: (+54 011) 4706-1515
      • References: Taylor Selden.
      • Position: Project Manager.
      • Work mode: Part-Time, flexible hours.
      • Date joined: 09/01/2007.
      • Date quit: 12/29/2011.
    Performed tasks: Analysis, design and implementation of systems, services and websites using Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP (LAMP), being responsible for a team with 3 programmers and 1 designer, coordinating individual developments to meet deadlines.
    • Geo-Design Inc.
    • :: Web Development ::
      • Office: 1426, Marcelo T. de Alvear St. Ap: 6ºA, Recoleta, C.A.B.A.
      • Phones: ARG: (011) 4706-1515 | USA: +1 (888) 232-4357
      • References: Taylor Selden.
      • Position: Analyst Programmer.
      • Work mode: Part-Time, flexible hours.
      • Date joined: 06/20/2004.
      • Date quit: 08/31/2007.
    Performed tasks: Websites development and maintenance using Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP (LAMP) with advanced digital content management and user subscriptions administration with various electronic payment methods.
  • Web system development by Freelance ::
    Analysis, design and implementation of web systems, general server management (hostings, domains, emails, ftp, databases, etc.). Complete solutions under Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP + HTML/XML/CSS/JS + Ajax + Shell Linux; advanced projects management.
Orientation and Personal Description

I mostly lean to general programming and its overall organization. I feel comfortable working in responsible teams, organized and predisposed to dialogue, to cooperation and to group and personal growth.

Self-taught and Researcher; I’m always predisposed to learn new tools and technologies, as well as to improve and extend my current knowledge.

Persevering and Meticulous; I enjoy being perfectionist and to look for the optimal way to solve my tasks. I’m not satisfied until I consider that I’ve done things the best I could.

Responsible and Organized; I like to plan my actions and being neat while performing them, having clearly that responsibility and fluid communication are the foundation of all well done job.

So far I have found nothing that couldn’t be learnt or solved satisfactorily. I’m not afraid of challenges and I believe that every opportunity is a good tool for technical, intellectual and social growth.

Personal Projects
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