Full-Stack Senior Developer
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I mostly lean to general programming and its overall organization. I feel comfortable working in responsible teams, organized and predisposed to dialogue, to cooperation and to group and personal growth.

Self-taught and Researcher; I’m always predisposed to learn new tools and technologies, as well as to improve and extend my current knowledge.

Persevering and Meticulous; I enjoy being perfectionist and to look for the optimal way to solve my tasks. I’m not satisfied until I consider that I’ve done things the best I could.

Responsible and Organized; I like to plan my actions and being neat while performing them, having clearly that responsibility and fluid communication are the foundation of all well done job.

So far I have found nothing that couldn’t be learnt or solved satisfactorily. I’m not afraid of challenges and I believe that every opportunity is a good tool for technical, intellectual and social growth.

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